Your partners in animal health and emergency care, for large and small animals!

What to Expect

Honest Service

We are here to provide the best veterinary care and advice for you and your pet, first and foremost. Your trust means everything to us!

Quality care

We are dedicated to having the trained team, ample facilities and equipment that your pet deserves. 


We are here 24/7 for years to come, and are excited to build long-lasting client and patient relationships.

It is the mission of Alpine Veterinary Service to provide the highest quality medical care for our animal patients. A well-trained, compassionate staff working in a clean, animal-friendly, state of the art facility will provide expert medical care.

High quality medicine is of little use if it is not provided in a caring and compassionate environment for the animal patient and their human "master." Therefore; it is equally important in the mission of AVS to provide a nurturing, compassionate, friendly environment for the healing of the animals we have been entrusted with.

It is also the goal of Alpine Veterinary Service to provide the animal "owners" with service above and beyond all expectations. We understand the importance reflected between each owner and their pet, therefore; we will strive to treat our human clients with compassion, integrity and understanding. It is important for us to help our clients to understand and deal with the issues, which are reflected in their animal’s health.

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Alpine Veterinary Service, Inc. helped remove my mouse's tumor and just 5 days after the surgery, he's acting normal again! Thanks, Alpine Veterinary Service, Inc.

Phone: 406.655.9393

Emergency: 406.855.8018 (after-hours)

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